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Shanghai Fashion Metaverse Chronicles: Embracing Nostalgia and Innovation

Shanghai Fashion Metaverse Chronicles: Embracing Nostalgia and Innovation

4/5/24, 4:15 PM

Shanghai Fashion Week (SHFW) concluded its 2024 Fall/Winter season on April 1, marking a vibrant convergence of diverse energies within the fashion metaverse. Under the theme "Chain Sparks New Life", this rendition ignited a cascade of inspiration, birthing fresh sartorial movements and contemplative designs. The objective? To forge profound connections among designers and the industry, fostering a culture of collaboration and ingenuity.

Across eight dynamic days, three platforms—Xintiandi Fashion Presentation, Labelhood Vanguard Fashion Presentation, and Kids Wear Fashion Presentation—played host to nearly 100 captivating product launches.
Le Fame took the spotlight, unveiling its 2024 Fall/Winter collection, christened "Modern Shanghai Trilogy." Collaborating with independent designer Zhou Zixin, the brand's showcase epitomized three archetypes of contemporary Shanghai women: "Shanghai glamor," "Shanghai moonlight," and "new Chinese style," elegantly reimagining the opulence of Shanghai's fashion zenith in the 1920s and 1930s. The pièce de résistance? Accessories crafted in collaboration with the esteemed jewelry label Yvmin, resurrecting vintage charms from bygone eras and infusing them with a modern flair.

"In an era fraught with frenzied consumerism, audiences are fortifying their sensibilities, giving rise to a collective nostalgia," remarks Le Fame's co-founder and General Manager, Wang Manxiu.
A constellation of celebrities and fashion luminaries, including Angelababy, Yang Chaoyue, Hu Lianxin, Xu Jiaqi, Yanyikuan, and Du Ruoxi, graced the event, amplifying the brand's resonance. Notably, a viral Weibo video capturing Angelababy and Yang Chaoyue engrossed in conversation during the show garnered a staggering 130 million views.

This year's SHFW welcomed a constellation of new talents, among them Studio Aubruino. Established by Aubrey Wang and Chih Chiu in London eight years ago, this independent label draws inspiration from childhood reveries of constructing fortress realms with sofa cushions and bed linens.
"Our design ethos intertwines signature elements—patterns, checks, and metallic accents—to craft a narrative odyssey. It traces a girl's passage from the sanctuary of her childhood fortress to the complexities of adulthood, evoking a surreal tapestry of intrigue," shares co-founder Wang.

From avant-garde reveries to a poignant embrace of introspection and heightened awareness, the designers' journey encapsulates the essence of innovation and nostalgia in the unfolding saga of Shanghai's fashion metaverse.

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