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Gucci Joins the Metaverse with a Town of its Own

Gucci Joins the Metaverse with a Town of its Own

9/19/22, 9:00 PM

Gucci is expanding its presence on the online game platform Roblox by creating Gucci Town, a permanent space that will be "dedicated to those seeking the unexpected." This comes after the brand released a digital version of its Gucci Garden experience on the platform the previous year.

The luxury brand has partnered with virtual reality company Linden Lab to create a permanent space on the online game platform Roblox for those seeking unexpected experiences, called Gucci Town.

The digital destination takes the form of an open-air square that is surrounded by interactive sites, mini-game areas, and a virtual store. Its purpose is to provide a space that is immersive, and that communicates the vision of creative director Alessandro Michele through a playable narrative.

Experience for Visitors in Gucci Town

Visitors to Gucci Town will not only acquire knowledge regarding the history and heritage of Gucci, but they will also have the opportunity to express their own individuality and make connections with people from all over the world. This emphasis on community is reflected in the design of the piazza-like square, which is a concept in architecture that has enabled people to meet, connect with one another, and share ideas since ancient times.

At Gucci Town, visitors can participate in a variety of interactive activities, including those located at Vault Plaza, Mini Game Heights, Creative Corner, Craftsmanship Court, Selfie Way, Power-up Place, and the Gucci Shop. In these areas, users will not only be able to play games and earn GG Gems, but they will also be able to explore and create one-of-a-kind works of art, as well as purchase limited edition digital Gucci items for their Roblox avatars to dress them in.

Gucci's Foray in the World of Gaming

Gucci's foray into the world of gaming is clear with its recent moves in the digital space. Here are some of the recent moves in Gucci's foray into the world of gaming:

Brands' Participation in Roblox Community

The brand's participation in and support of the Roblox community is not the fashion house's first foray into the world of online gaming. The Maison made its debut in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game in 2020, complete with its very own GG Island, which featured its very own mini-games, exclusive content, and takeaway items. This company updated its mobile app at the beginning of this year with a selection of classic arcade-style games.

Gucci Gaming Academy

Gucci introduced the Gucci Gaming Academy the previous week. This initiative is a partnership with the World Health Organization that aims to cultivate and empower young esports talent while also supporting the mental and physical health of its participants. The Gucci Gaming Academy is open to youngsters and will feature four weeks of training from some of the world's best esports coaches. The program will culminate in a tournament where the winners will have the chance to win money for their schooling, as well as other prizes.

This is a great move by Gucci to venture into this space and support the youth. What do you think about Gucci's foray into the world of gaming? Let us know your thoughts!


It's clear that Gucci is looking to make a bigger splash in the digital space, and its move into Roblox Town is just one way it's doing so. This interactive virtual world provides an immersive experience for visitors, who can explore the brand's history and heritage while also expressing their individuality. In addition to the square itself, there are a variety of activities available for visitors to participate in, including games and art creation. Gucci has also been active in other gaming platforms, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its own Gucci Gaming Academy. It will be interesting to see how the brand expands its presence in the gaming world in the future.

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